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Spapperi TB12
Spapperi TB12

The Spapperi Seedling Transplanter SB12 is a semi-automatic mechanical transplanting machine composed of a two-row transplanting unit fed by a 12 tray single distributor with an open base. Can handle seedlings of conical, pyramidal and cylindrical shaped root ball. Additional independent transplanting units (up to four) can be added (maximum 8 rows - larger models on request); oscillating parallelogram system with axial joint that can follow any type of terrain. The twin-drive mechanical transmission is composed of two side drive wheels and transmission bar. (Also available upon request roll-drive mechanical transmission composed of rubber rollers.) The seedling furrower is made of wear-resistant steel with quick release. The seedling ejector with self-cleaning movement is auto synchronised. Interplant distance from 130mm to 500mm. Flex ridger wheel 280mm x 60mm. Padded seat with backrest. Manufactured in Italy.


TB12 One Unit   $15,995 + GST

TB12 Two Units   $28,265 + GST

TB12 Three Units   $40,545 + GST

TB12 Four Units   $52,785 + GST

Roll Drive with Rubber Roller $1770 + GST

300L Watering System $2255 + GST

170kg Fertiliser Spreader $4295 + GST

Spapperi Seedling Transplanter TB12

Spapperi TB12
Spapperi TB12
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