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Garmach Undercutter Blade

Garmach Undercutter Blade

The Garmach Undercutter Blade can be used to lift a wide variety of root-crops (parsnip, carrot, garlic, beetroot, radish, etc.). It is designed to break up and loosen the soil making it easier to harvest the crop and reduce potential for damage.


It is made from 100mm box steel with a 10mm hardened steel blade. The digging up blade is attached to the tractor using a standard three-point hitch.  The depth of digging is set by the adjustable tyres that slide up and down. It is attached to tractor via a Cat 2 3PL linkage. Manufactured in the Ukraine.

Dimensions: Length 850mm; Width 1830mm; Height 1300mm
Digging Width: 1400mm
Digging Depth: Up to 32cm
Weight: 224kg
Working Speed: 4 - 6km/h

Minimum Tractor Power: 70Hp


Digging Up Blade SP-1.4     $6200 + GST

Garmach Undercutter Blade
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