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Garmach Hand Cultivator KR-1

Garmach Hand Cultivator/Weeder

The Garmach hand cultivator is an all-purpose horticultural tool for tillage of vegetables and herbs. The all-metal construction allows the user to utilise the weight of the machine to do the digging. The cultivator can function in both forward and reverse motion. It also cleans itself during use. The cultivator is equipped with three blades: 120, 220 and 250mm wide.

The KPA-2 is used for cultivation and sowing. The KPA-2 combines the KR-1 cultivator and the SMK-2 seeder in one unit. Manufactured in the Ukraine.


Garmach Hand Cultivator KP-1   $180 + GST

Garmach Combined Seeding Unit KPA-2    $280 + GST

Garmach Hand Cultivator/Weeder
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