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JJ Broch Splitter Line

JJ Broch Splitter Line


The JJ Broch Splitter Line cracks the garlic bulbs into individual cloves and grades the cloves into 5 different sizes. It can process between 250 - 500kg per hour.

FEEDING HOPPER: The width of the hopper makes unloading the garlic bulbs easier. The bulbs are lifted to the splitter using an adjustable speed belt driven by an electric motor.

SPLITTER: The splitter is equipped with brushes and belts that separates the cloves. The position of the belts is adjusted according to the size of the bulbs/cloves to prevent any damage.

SELECTION AND SUCTION BELT: Two suction areas remove the remaining skins and any bulbs that cannot be used. Any deformed cloves and those without germination capacity are removed manually from the belt.

CONCENTRIC GRADER: Healthy, selected cloves are classified into five different sizes using four cylindrical sieves measuring 120 cm in length. The cloves are graded from largest to smallest (see below).

There are three models available: 400kg p/h, 1000kg p/h and 1500kg p/h. Manufactured in Spain.


Splitter Line  (400kg per hour)    $66,270 + GST

Splitter Line (1000kg per hour) $78,865

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