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JJ Broch Garlic Grader

JJ Broch Garlic Bulb Grader

JJ Broch Garlic Grader

The JJ Broch garlic grader can be used in conjunction with the JJ Broch Brushing Table. Together the bulbs of garlic are cleaned and graded into various sizes (up to eight). Features include:


RUBBER BELTS IN DECLINING POSITION: The modular design of the grading units can be set up in a continuous line starting with the smallest size. The largest bulbs can be allowed to make their way to the end of the line before falling into a bin.  

PRECISE GRADING:  The extended length of the belt and the individual belt speed provide enough time for a precise grading of the bulbs.

CAREFUL GRADING AND EXIT: The individual grading units are positioned at a very low drop height to avoid damaging the bulbs. Bulbs can be unload into bins or small crates.

OPTIMAL HANDLING CONDITIONS: Each grading unit comes with a separate exit belt to facilitate inspection and control potential piling up.

HIGH ENTRY VOLUME: A working width of 1000mm ensures a high processing  volume of garlic bulbs - up to 8 tonne/per hour.

Manufactured in Spain.


Garlic Grader Classif-3  (3 Grading Units) $53,615 + GST

Garlic Grader Classif-4  (4 Grading Units) $70,200 + GST

Garlic Grader Classif-5  (5 Grading Units) $87,410 + GST

JJ Broch Garlic Grader
JJ Broch Garlic Grader
JJ Broch Garlic Grader
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