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JJ Broch Garlic Cleaning Table

Broch Cleaning Table
Broch Cleaning Table
Broch Cleaning Table

The JJ Broch Cleaning Table is designed to remove crop residue, 3rd grade bulbs, stones and soil. It can be used in conjunction with the JJ Broch Brushing Table and Bulb Grader.

The polyethylene sheet feeds the roller-conveyor gently without damaging the bulbs.

The legs can be adjusted to work levelled or with a slope. The roller conveyor can unload in big boxes or directly to another machine (brusher, bulb grader, etc.).

A working width of 670mm ensures a high volume flow of garlic bulbs (up to 8 tonne per hour).

The vibrating rollers are driven by an electrical motor (1Hp) with a variable speed control to adapt to varying bulb conditions from the field.

 The long length and (up to) 33 rollers ensure effective removal of peelings, soil, etc., with space available for up to 5 people to inspect the garlic.

The bulb garlic are continuously rotated by the rollers (either standard, spiral or rubber finger) to improve the cleaning on all sides of the bulb.

Available in single or three phase (recommended) power versions.

Width: 1550mm

Length:  3050mm 

Height: 1280 – 2080mm

Cleaning surface area: 3000 x 940mm

Weight: 600kg 

Manufactured in Spain.


Cleaning Table   $19,785 + GST

Cleaning Table Spiral Rollers x 7   $16,510 + GST

Cleaning Table Spiral Rollers x 14   $18,175 + GST

Cleaning Table Rubber Fingers Rollers x 11   $19.695 + GST

Cleaning Table Rubber Fingers Rollers x 22   $39,550 + GST

Pivoting Roller for Extraction of Clods   $805 + GST

Waste Suction Fan  $3725 + GST 

Feeder Hopper ALIM-4T, 4000L capacity  $27.535 + GST

Broch Cleaning Table
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