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Carlotti Potato Planters

Carlotti Potato Planter
Carlotti Potato Planter

The Carlotti S211-EX Potato Planter allows two rows of potatoes to be planted at the same time. The speed and precision of this machine make it ideal for all types of soil. The technical features of this model include: the height of the seed descent chute and a variable intensity vibrator that ensures that only one seed potato remains in the cups; the interposition of the cups on the belts that picks up the seed potato from the hopper which allows the surplus seed to fall directly into the hopper; and adjustable rear disk covering the seed. Manufactured in Italy.

Dimensions: 2100mm – 2300mm – 1600mm (l-w-h)
Hopper Capacity: 400Kg
Distance Between Rows: From 700 mm to 900 mm
Distance Between Seed Potato: Adjustable via the pinions from 15cm to 45cm
Production capacity: 0.3 – 0.5 Ha/hour

Optional extras: Fertiliser spreader  (100kg capacity)
Weight: 400kg


Double Row Potato Planter    $14,000 + GST

Fertiliser Bin   $3325 + GST

Carlotti Potato Planter
Carlotti Potato Planter
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