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Spapperi Bed Former/Mulch Layer SFB

Spapperi Bed Former/Plastic Mulch Layer SFB
Spapperi Bed Former/Plastic Mulch Layer SFB

The Spapperi Bed Former/Mulch Layers SFB is suitable for plastic, bio-degradable cellulose film or weed gunnel. The SFB model is designed to hill the soil up to 30cm high whilst laying mulch (unlike the Spapperi Mulch Layer SF which just lays mulch). Both models can be fitted with a drip tape layer and/or combined with a AF or AS seedling transplanter.


The front plowshares create the raised bed whilst the front roller levels the top of the bed before the centre roller presses the mulch against the soil. The rear wheels ensure the mulch hugs the ground and stretches it taut across the bed whilst the rear plowshares bury the the sides of the mulch, locking it in position. Maximum mulch width 1600mm. 

Manufactured in Italy.


SFB 200   $17,800 + GST

Drip Tape Layer Frame $1250 + GST

Rear Hitch Kit For Transplanter $1500 + GST

Wheel with Perforating Inserts $2700 + GST

170L Fertiliser Box with 1 Dispenser Outlet, Mechanical Transmission $5180 + GST

Micro-granulator Box with 1 Dispenser Outlet, Mechanical Transmission $2125 + GST

Combined 170L Fertiliser/Micro-granulator Box, Mechanical Transmission $6095 + GST

Spapperi Bed Former/Plastic Mulch Layer SFB
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