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Ortomec Multi Seeder

Ortomec Multi Seeder
Ortomec Multi Seeder
Ortomec Multi Seeder

Multi seeder attached to the tractor via the 3-point hitch (Cat I or Cat II) with an electrically controlled mechanical seed distribution system 

Minimum power required: 30 Hp

Seeding widths: 

 120 cm (20 outlets) 

140 cm (23 outlets) 

160 cm (26 outlets) 

180 cm (29 outlets) 

Weight: approx. 450 kg

Rapid seed change with unloading system by means of snap lifting of the hopper

Listers with independent movement on each rows, equipped with spring for pressure on the ground

Listers depth adjustable with gradual manual lever

Rapid shifting of listers with minimum distance of 4 cm between rows

Single distributors for each seeding row with independent opening or closing 

Seeding quantity adjustable with touch-screen display and management program

Moving and transmission parts protected by bad weather and dust thanks to the particular design of the “box-type” frame

Rollers with hydraulic movement by connections from tractor

323 mm stainless steel rollers equipped with a rigid scraper for cleaning 

Stainless steel seed hopper, maximum capacity 50kg

Painted machine frame with special anticorrosion primer

Electric vibration to the hopper for continuous seed feed, 12 V to tractor, with ON/OFF button on the touch-screen display

Manufactured in Italy.


Multi Seeder $41,750 + GST

Ortomec Multi Seeder
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