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Spapperi Field Trailer BR712

Spapperi BR712
Spapperi BR712
Spapperi BR712

The Spapperi Field Trailer BR712 is designed to harvest and pack vegetables into crates, boxes or bins in the field. Total payload 12 tonne.

Standard equipment includes:

Dual fixed axle Q 90 mm and tandem system, mechanic leaf spring suspensions connected to rocker arms, a free light of approximately 500 mm above the ground level.

Hydraulic braking system with a 300 × 90mm brake connected to tractor brake system.

Parking brake in combination with a manually activated hydraulic and independent system.

Hydraulic steered rudder with two manually activated jacks with lock valve and mechanical safe fastening for the road carriage and mechanic supporting foot.

Smoothed plate loading bed with lateral and central rails allowing the conveyor belt sliding sizing 7000 x 2500mm, loading bed height is 1300 mm from ground level.

PVC fixed-roof, sliding and removable lateral and back walls.

Manually opening back tailgate, size 500mm x 2500mm.

Floating tyres, anti-sagging, model 500/60-22.5 TR08

Electrical system equipped by lights for the on-road use.

Hydraulic system provided by services for the folding conveyor belt.

CE certifications, approval to the on-road use registration (for truck and conveyor belt).

Optional Extras:

Manually activated hydraulic steered rear axle

Dual fixed axle with tandem system and mechanical leaf spring suspension connected to rocker arms with a tractioned axle equipped with a transmission shaft

Activated reducer, ground clearance approximately 300mm

​Hydraulic supporting foot for shaft

Rear floor plate with hydraulic opening with lock valves – size 1500mm x 2500 mm


The Folding Conveyor Belt NF940 allows an easier harvest of horticultural crops and is adaptable to the Field Trailer BR712. Size 9000mm x 400mm; made from steel and aluminum.

Standard Equipment:

Control panel with operator commands

Hydraulics commands for belt’s opening and closing

Hydraulic commands for belt’s positioning and levelling

Hydraulic commands for belt’s longitudinal translation on the trailer’s loading bed

Manufactured in Italy.


Field Trailer BR 712  + Folding Conveyor Belt NF940 $POA


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