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JJ Broch Harvester/Binder ARAT

JJ Broch Harvester/Binder
JJ Broch Harvester/Binder
JJ Broch Harvester/Binder
JJ Broch Harvester/Binder

The JJ Broch Garlic Harvester/Binder lifts the garlic bulbs from the soil, removes the soil whilst maintaining the leaves for binding together to make collection from the paddock easier.

HYDRAULIC DRIVE: All of the picking mechanisms are driven by hydraulic motors enabled by the tractor's PTO drive.

LEAF ALIGNMENT GUIDES: Two front guides lift any fallen leaves and align the garlic plants to make picking and collection along the conveyor belts easier. The alignment guides are controlled hydraulically by the operator.

FRONT PULLING UP SHARE: A share is used to cut the roots of the garlic and then lift it gently to be collected by the belt system. The position and depth of the share can be adjusted.

CONVEYOR AND CLEANING BELTS: Any remaining soil is removed using a vibration system along the conveyor belts driven by hydraulic motors.

BUNCH BINDER: The automatic binder adjusts the binding height, the string pressure and the size of the bunches, forming groups of garlic bulbs bound by the leaves for easier collection and subsequent processing.

OUTPUT BELT: The rear belt, driven continuously by hydraulic motors, deposits the bunches of garlic vertically onto the ground, the bulbs being protected by the leaves. The belt is positioned at a low height to avoid any damage to the bulbs.

JJ Broch manufacture two versions of the single row harvester/binder: the standard comes with fixed shares; the other with shares that can be moved from left to right hydraulically. Manufactured in Spain.

Please note that factory refurbished machines are thoroughly inspected by JJ Broch and sold in an as-new condition.


Harvester/Binder ARAT-1 (Refurbished)     $28,500 + GST

Harvester/Binder ARAT-1     $49,185 + GST

Two Row Harvester/Binder ARAT-2    $75,205 + GST

Hydraulic adjustment of digging shares $2750 + GST

Hydraulic adjustment of belt pulley height $2750 + GST

600m Roll binder-string (1 hectare = 1 roll) $100 + GST

JJ Broch Harvester/Binder
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