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Garmach Potato Hiller/Weeder

Garmach Hiller/Weeder

Hoe ridgers can be used for weeding, row scarifying, aeration and ridging of rows with plants of height up to 60 cm. They can used in the cultivation of potatoes, sweet potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, brassicas, strawberries, corn and other root crops cultivated in ridges. The winged ploughs can be adjusted from 62cm to 75cm apart and is equipped with rippers, duck foot shares and coulters.

Two versions are available: 3 row or 5 row. Manufactured in Poland.

Distance between rows: 625mm - 750mm
Weight: 175kg
Minimum tractor power: 48hp



3 Row Hiller/Weeder     $2250 + GST

5 Row Hiller/Weeder     $2950 + GST

Garmach Hiller/Weeder
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