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JJ Broch Garlic Brushing Table

JJ Broch Brushing Table
JJ Broch Brushing Table
JJ Broch Brushing Table
JJ Broch Garlic Brushing Table

The JJ Broch garlic brushing table is used post harvest to remove the soil, external dry peals and any other material using rotative brushers without damaging the garlic bulbs. Features include:


A 3m brushing up and down table to efficiently remove the soil and the external brown peals.

High working capacity due to XL width.

Two top brushing sheets with double regulation to adjust the brushing strength (standard with CEPI-B only) 

Easy double regulation of top brushing sheets.

The synthetic filaments brushers provide excellent rotation to ensure thorough cleaning of garlic bulbs.

The final screen separates any remaining soil and ensures a clean product ends up in the storage container.

Width: 1250mm

Length:  1850mm (CEPI-S), 3710mm (CEPI-B)

Number of brushes: 11 (CEPI-S), 22 (CEPI-B)

Brush width: 1000mm

Cleaning surface area: 1300 x 1000 mm (CEPI-S), 2400 x 1000 (CEPI-B)

Weight: 320kg (CEPI-S), 650kg (CEPI-B)

Performance 1000 kg/H

Manufactured in Spain.


Brushing Table CEPI-S   $19,500 + GST

Brushing Table CEPI-B   $28,750 + GST

Adjustable Top Brushers $2975 + GST (One set for CEPI-S; Can add one or two additional sets for CEPI-B)

Waste Suction Fan $3725 + GST 

Feeder Hopper ALIM-BUNK, 1700L capacity $18,225 + GST

Feeder Hopper ALIM-B, 863L capacity $12,350 + GST

JJ Broch Garlic Brushing Table
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