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Garmach Chain Garlic Planters

Garmach Chain Garlic Planter

The Garmach Chain Garlic Planter is a simple to use and completely mechanicanised. Designed for medium to large-sized farms, the Garmach chain garlic planter is a universal planter. You can use it plant: garlic, onions, broad beans, saffron, gladioli and other bulbs.

During operation all the activities of planting are performed automatically (it picks up the bulb, makes the furrows, drops the bulb in the furrow and covers the seeded bulb with soil). The planter is supplied with one set of chains to which 28mm cups are welded. Additional sets of chains are available with 22mm or 36mm cups.

There is also an option to add fertiliser bins to the AGP-4.

 Available in 3, 4, 5 and 7 row versions. Manufactured in Poland.


Chain Garlic Planter AGP-3R    $11,550 + GST

Chain Garlic Planter AGP-4R     $12,875 + GST

Chain Garlic Planter AGP-5R     $13,975 + GST

Chain Garlic Planter AGP-7R     $15,950 + GST

Optional AGP-4 Fertiliser Bins     $1500 + GST

Garmach Chain Garlic Planter
Garmach Chain Garlic Planter
Garmach AGP
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