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Garmach Belt Garlic Planters

Garmach Belt Garlic Planter
Garmach Belt Garlic Planter

The Garmach belt garlic planter is a simple to use and is designed for small and medium-sized farms. The Garmach  belt garlic planter is a universal planter: you can use it plant garlic, onions, broad beans, saffron, gladioli and other bulbs.


The planter is attached to the tractor using a standard three-point hitch. During operation the person/s sitting on the back places a bulb/clove into each cup, the belt (which is driven by the rear axle) rotates dropping the bulb into the freshly dug furrow and the rear roller covers the bulb/clove with soil.

Available in 2, 3, 4 and 5 row versions. Manufactured in Poland.


25% Off Until June 30, 2024

Belt Garlic Planter MGP-2R     $7750 + GST

Belt Garlic Planter MGP-3R     $8450 +GST 

Belt Garlic Planter MGP-4R     $9500 + GST

Belt Garlic Planter MGP-5R     $10750 + GST

Garmach Belt Garlic Planter
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