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Spapperi Inter-plant Weeder SA

Spapperi Inter-Plant Weeder SA
Spapperi Inter-Plant Weeder SA
Spapperi Inter-Plant Weeder SA

The Spapperi Inter-plant Vertical Weeder is a semi-automatic weeder equipped with independent elements for weeding any type of seedling along the rows and between the plants. The operator, who is seated on the weeder, moves the weeding tools closer to and/or farther away from the plants via control levers mounted in front of them.


The hydraulic system is powered by the tractor’s PTO drive.

The rotary milling cutters are equipped with 3 weeding tools and the distance between rows can easily be adjusted. Working depth is adjusted via the bearing wheels of the machine. There is also a rotation lever to change the weeding tools. 

There are two models available: SA33 (330mm is the maximum width between tillers) and SA45 (450mm is the maximum width between tillers). The maximum number of weeding units is four. Standard equipment includes:

Fixed frame suitable for CAT I and CAT II tractors

Side support wheels to adjust height

Independent hydraulic system with pump unit/multiplier, 40-litre tank and hydraulic motors with direct connection to the cutters

Vertical cutters with three hoes – 250mm diameter

Padded seat with backrest

Manual cutters opening and closing controls

Manually operated valve for reversing the direction of rotation of the rotary tillers.

Manufactured in Italy.


SA33 One Unit   $16,315 + GST

SA33 Two Units   $27,200 + GST

SA33 Three Units   $38,800 + GST

SA33 Four Units   $48,475 + GST

SA45 One Unit   $16,815 + GST

SA45 Two Units   $28,200 + GST

SA45 Three Units   $40,300 + GST

SA45 Four Units   $50,375 + GST


Spapperi Inter-Plant Weeder SA
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