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MacWood is pleased to announce that it has been appointed the Australian distributor of Ortomec Srl. Founded in 1998 by four partners who already had a long experience and substantial knowledge of two different, but, in a certain sense, complementary sectors: the engineering sector and the horticultural sector. Today, Ortomec Srl is a company appreciated all over the world for their trailed and self-propelled harvesters and seeders for the horticultural market. Thanks to their versatility and experience, Ortomec build customised machines able to satisfy the needs and requests of every cut leaf/lettuce grower. 

MacWood Horticultural Machinery imports and distributes a wide range of European-manufactured horticultural equipment for the garlic, potato, vegetable, cut leaf, lettuce, olive and wine industries. Our range of machinery includes mulch layers, seeders, transplanters, planters, weeders, garlic splitters, brushing tables, graders, harvesters, harvest conveyors belts, field packing trailers as well as a small range of hand equipment: seeders, weeders, planters, etc.


Having spent twenty years growing vegetables commercially owners Andrew Wood and Jill McCalman understand only too well the challenges faced by primary producers today: labour shortages, increased cost of labour, climate change, the ever-increasing cost of inputs and supplies, the shrinking bottom line.


Our mission is to enable Australian primary producers to not only grow produce of exceptional quality, but to be profitable as well through mechanisation. It is our goal to offer a wide range of horticultural machinery that will dramatically reduce the need for labour, increase productivity, lift overall quality, streamline farming practices (and therefore reduce the workload of the farmer) and, most importantly, ensure a healthy profit.


We are an family owned business located in Bairnsdale, Victoria and can supply our equipment throughout Australia and New Zealand. We offer competitive freight prices and offer a door-to-door delivery service or if you are local you are always welcome to pick up from our warehouse. To ensure after sales support we stock a full range of spare parts and can offer prompt technical advice if needed.


If you require further product information or would like to place any order please don’t hesitate to contact us via the links below.

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