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Ortomec Self-propelled Baby Leaf Harvester 8000

Ortomec 8000
Ortomec 8000
Ortomec 8000
Ortomec 8000

Self-propelled harvester on wheels

Harvesting width from 1200mm (A model) to 1800mm (B model)

Variable track, min. 1450mm, max. 2100mm

Hot galvanised machine frame

Weight: approx. 1400 kg

Kubota 4-cylinder 25 HP diesel engine

Filters mounted outside the machine for quick checking and easy replacement

Poclain variable front hydraulic transmission on 2 speed with radial pistons hydraulic motors

Differential locks

Wheels: Front 6.50-16, Rear 5.00-12;

Steering via steering wheel, other movement via multi-function joystick

5-inch touch screen display

“Cruise control” working speed setting from 0.2 to 7 km/h with single command on control column with electronic management

Lower platform dimension: 1000 x 1400 x 1700mm

LED light system complete with three lights

Harvesting head “Folage” version, for the harvest of leafy vegetables such as rocket, spinach, baby feaf, etc.

Band blade cutting system

Welded machine head frame in stainless steel (to ensure greater structural solidity over time)

Stainless steel cutting system:


Model A height 210mm with 2 pulleys

Model B height 310mm with 2 pulleys

Smooth conveyor belt, food-safety certified

Conveyor belt speed adjustable from driver’s seat by means of potentiometer

Belt cleaning rotating brush on return phase

Cutting blade height adjustable from driver’s seat by means of electric proportional sensors

“Balance system” cutting height variable in work phase on right or left from the control column with single gradual control and return to balance the same

Cutting blade speed adjustable from driver’s seat by means of potentiometer.

Manufactured in Italy.


Self-propelled Baby Leaf Harvester 8000 Model A & B  $185,530 + GST

Optional Extras

Blade support/guide for products difficult to cut or with high density (to help avoid damaging the blade)  $400 + GST

Textured conveyor belt $400 + GST

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