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Ortomec Trailed Baby Leaf Harvester 4000

Ortomec Baby Leaf Harvester 4000
Ortomec 4000
Ortomec 4000
4000 Super Version

Trailed baby leaf harvester connected to the tractor via the 3-point linkage

Minimum power required: 50Hp

Harvesting width: Model A 1200mm; Model B 1800mm

Variable track: min. 1300mm, max. 2250mm

Hot galvanized machine frame

Weight: approx. 950 kg

Independent hydraulic system PTO 540 with tank

Wheel Dimensions:


Model A 16 x 6.50-8 (height 760mm - width 160mm)

Model B 75 x 10.0-15.3 (height 750mm - width 230mm)

Ground clearance: 270mm

Aluminium upper table for produce crates

Rear deck closable 90°, length 1000mm

Band blade cutting system

Conveyor belt frame in stainless steel

Stainless steel cutting systems:


Model A 210mm height with 2 pulleys

Model B 310mm height with 2 pulleys


Conveyor belt with hydraulic movement

Smooth conveyor belt, food-safety certified

Conveyor belt speed adjustable by means of manual valve

Belt cleaning scraper on return phase

Cutting blade height adjustable with hydraulic control by means of single roller with hydraulic/free rotation with adjustable speed

Cutting blade speed adjustable by means of manual valve

Manufactured in Italy.


Trailed Baby Leaf Harvester 4000 Model A & B  $58,000 + GST

Optional Extras

“SUPER” version: Reinforced frame, suitable for installing additional accessories; Oversized head; Cutting blade height adjustable by means of electric-proportional sensors (automatic); “Balance system” cutting height variable in work phase on right or left from the control column with single gradual control and return to balance the same.

Price: $22,000 + GST

Cleaning Belt “NP”: Harvest cleaning system with auxiliary conveyor belt applied at a determined distance from the main harvesting belt. The gap between the belts acts as product selector, removes the broken leaves and possible foreign bodies of small size. The two potential workers placed on the sides of the belt can inspect the product and remove the yellow leaves. Belt width: from 1300 to 1800mm; Belt length: 450mm; Belt speed adjustable with inverter. Available only with “Super” version. Price: $11,600 +GST

Lateral belt “NB”: Belt to unload into a trailer on the side the harvester.

Stainless steel belt frameAvailable only with “Super version”

Price: $26,000 + GST

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