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Garmach Vibrating Potato Harvester with Rear Discharge Z655/1

Garmach Vibrating Potato Harvester

The Garmach vibrating potato harvester can be mounted on small tractors equipped with a Cat 1 three-point linkage. The machine consists of a digging blade that lifts the potatoes and soil onto the vibrating metal grill that sifts the soil from the potatoes before they are discharged from the rear of the machine. The digging depth can be adjusted by the rear support wheels. The intensity of vibrations can also be increased by adjusting the inclination of the sifting hopper. All vibrating elements are moved by a crank mechanism driven by the tractor PTO shaft. The sifting grill is equipped with rubber bushings - simmerblocks - that allow stability of the machine during operation. Manufactured in Poland.

Number of rows: 1
Working width: 450 mm
Max Working Depth: 200mm
Minimum tractor power: 25 hp
Weight: 135 kg


Vibrating Potato Harvester    $4500 + GST

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