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Garmach Hand Vegetable Seeder SOR-1/1 (VPS)

Garmach Hand Seeder VPS
Garmach Hand Seeder VPS

The Garmach Hand Vegetable Seeder SOR-1/1 is used for drill sowing of small seeded vegetable crops in the open ground or poly tunnels. It is constructed of heavy duty metal and is easy to use. The weight of the machine means you don't have to push down to sow, only forward. 

The seeder consists of a frame on which the seed bin with a limiting brush, a shaft with a removable seed drum and drive wheels are attached. The seed drum is driven by a chain attached to the front wheel. Manufactured in the Ukraine.

There are eight seed drums supplied with the unit:
1:  16 holes/3mm: onion, carrot
2: 10 holes/3mm: carrot, cabbage, sorrel, parsley, tomato, alfalfa, radish
3: 10 holes/4mm: radish, coriander, red beet, dill, spinach
4: 6 holes/4mm: pepper, tomato
5: 6 holes/6mm: beetroot
6: billet        
7: 16 holes/2mm: carrot, parsley    
8: 10 holes/2mm: carrot, parsley

Capacity of the seed bin: 2 litres
Depth of sowing: 10-50mm
Overall dimensions: Length 1300mm, Width 155mm, Height 970 mm    
Weight: 10.5kg


Hand Vegetable Seeder SOR-1/1 (VPS)     NOT AVAILABLE

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