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Garmach Hand Vegetable Seeder SMK

Garmach SMK Seeder
Garmach SMK Seeder
Garmach SMK Seeder

The Garmach SMK seeders are simple to use and are designed for small farms and home gardeners. The seeder is a built-up module design and is made of durable metal - the weight of which aids sowing.


Various models are available, from 1 row to five row as well as 300mm spaced 2 row version (standard spacing is 60mm). The SMK-1 comes standard with eight sowing drums. Additional drums can be purchased separately for other models.

Seed Drum Sizes

1: 16 holes/3mm: onion, carrot

2: 10 holes/3mm: carrot, cabbage, sorrel, parsley, tomato, alfalfa, radish

3: 10 holes/4mm: radish, coriander, red beet, dill, spinach

4: 6 holes/4mm: pepper, tomato

5: 6 holes/6mm: beetroot

6: billet        

7: 16 holes/2mm: carrot, parsley    

8: 10 holes/2mm: carrot, parsley ​


Please note, the seeder does not come with the wooden handle. Manufactured in the Ukraine.



Hand Vegetable Seeder SMK-1     NOT AVAILABLE

Hand Vegetable Seeder SMK-2     NOT AVAILABLE

Hand Vegetable Seeder SMK-2 (300mm Spacing)    $120 + GST

Hand Vegetable Seeder SMK-5     NOT AVAILABLE

Garmach SMK Seeder
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