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Carlotti Spring Potato Harvester 650/8

Carlotti Spring 650/8 Potato Harvester
Carlotti Spring 650/8 Potato Harvester
Carlotti Spring 650/8 Potato Harvester
Carlotti Spring 650/8 Potato Harvester

The Carlotti Spring 650/8 potato harvester semi-automatic single-row harvester is a unique and versatile machine designed to operate on any type of soil. Its reversible operation allows automatic harvesting on loose soils, or manual harvesting on clay or stony soils. Reversing the direction of the unloading belts is made extremely quick and easy with the use of two simple levers.


The innovative design offers high performance for such a modest-sized machine without the need to own a huge tractor (60Hp min). The tractor operator can control the collector belt, the shift of the drawbar, the wheels and the rear 800Kg bin elevator via a control box.


The machine is driven by a electro-hydraulic pumps that are directly connected to the PTO of the tractor (without cardan). Four hydraulic levers placed on the operator’s side control the rotation speed of the collector belt, the hedgehog belt and the two sorting belts. A platform placed at the side of the sorting belt comfortably hosts up to three operators.


The machine is also equipped with a rotating roller and a rubber spike belt for effective product cleaning. Each belt is independent and can be adjusted in speed. The machine has an oil tank that makes it independent of the tractor and a radiator for cooling.


At the rear is a pair of box-holder forks with external rotation and hydraulic unloading, controlled by a second electrical panel positioned on the operators' platform. Once full, the 800kg bin is discharged in line with the machine.

The Carlotti Spring 650/8 potato harvester can harvest between 0.30ha – 1ha per day or when fitted with the onion harvester 2ha per day.


Optional Extras: A front unit to harvest onions (to replace the potato unit) and a modified digging blade for the harvest of sweet potatoes are both included in the price.

Manufactured in Italy.


Carlotti Green 650/5L   $65,000 + GST

Carlotti Green 650/8     $78,000 + GST 

Carlotti Spring ALX-RH     $99,000 + GST

Carlotti Spring 650/8 Potato Harvester
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