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Carlotti Spring ALX-RH

Carlotti Spring ALX-RH

The Carlotti Spring ALX-RH potato harvester is best suited for small to medium farms. It is designed to dig potatoes, onions and sweet potatoes with  the absolute minimum damage.


The operation of these 1 row machines is incredibly gentle thanks to a continuous rise of the tubers on the hedgehog belt (allowing the tubers along the belt not to skip) and the separation of the soil using non-aggressive systems. Independent belt adjustment allows you to achieve excellent results on a soft product and in any type of soil. The grading platform can easily accomodate 4/5 people. Graded tubers are stored in the 1600kg hopper These features make the Spring ALX series the most suitable machine on the horticultural market when it comes to quality/productivity/purchase price/maintenance. 


Length: 6600mm

Width: 2650mm

Height: 2410mm

Weight: 2950kg



Collecting/defoliating belt width: 740mm

Rubber-spike belt width: 606mm

Sorting belt width: 520mm

Discharge belt width: 230mm


In Addition

Storage hopper capacity: 2 tonne

Maximum discharge height: 2900mm

No platforms: 1

No of operators on board: 3

Cooling: Heat exchanger

Wheels: Steerable

Drawbar: Hydraulic

Belts: Individually adjustable in speed

Hydraulics: Machine equipped with a pumping unit and oil tank, machine independent of the tractor

Control panel: 1 in tractor cab, 1 on board the machine

Additional Extras: A front unit to harvest onions (to replace the potato unit) and a modified digging blade for the harvest of sweet potatoes are both included in the price.

Manufactured in Italy.


Carlotti Spring ALX-RH     $99,000 + GST

Carlotti Spring ALX-RH
Carlotti Spring ALX-RH
Carlotti Spring ALX-RH
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